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Rømø Lege- og Labyrintpark was established in 2008. We used 6 months on building the park which includes 12 activities. Every year since the opening we have added new activities.
Our vision is to be an attractive family park for families with children between 3-16 years of age, where you can enjoy 2-3 hours of activities for reasonably cheap prices. The goal is to get you to cooperate, compete and have fun.

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Owner: Consultant, Lars Thomsen

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Owner: Teacher, Hans Pilegaard

Owner & partner in:

  • Rømø Lege- og Labyrintpark


Rømø Lege- og Labyrintpark
Engvej 5A,
6792 Rømø
M: +45 23 30 42 50 & +45 20 46 14 61
W: http://www.romolab.dk
E: info@rlp.nu

CVR: 31199786
Bank: Kreditbanken Tønder

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